Lexington Lettering, LLC | Calligraphy + Design


“Never underestimate the power of coffee & a girl with a dream.”


The Idea

Lexington Lettering came to life through a moment of desperation to save money for my wedding! I had called around to local calligraphers and was floored by the costs, so I decided to give it a go. It wasn’t TOO terrible, so with practice, and some semi-crappy envelopes (sorry to everyone whose name begins with a K) my skill level increased, and people were requesting orders. I knew if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right. So, one month before my wedding, Lexington Lettering, LLC was born!

The Owner

Erinn, originally from Oldham County, KY, is a current resident of Lexington, KY, wifed up to the hunky head trainer of Burn Bootcamp Lexington! Together they have an out-of-control, but legit cutest, toddler named Max, and two rescue dogs, Boomer and Minnie. She graduated from South Oldham High School in 2005, Georgetown College in 2009, and received her graduate degree from the University of Kentucky in 2013. She has a sweet tooth that needed extracting 20 pounds ago, and has an everlasting love for coffee and pitbulls. You can typically catch her with her hair on top of her head rocking her “idgaf bun”, still in yesterdays yoga pants, wearing an oversized tee. She is known for her moderate case of RBF, is an extroverted introvert, an ISFJ, and loves to make people laugh (typically at her own expense).